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New Channels Coming Soon...

As submissions start to roll in and our content builds, we'll begin unlocking dedicated channels streaming specific genres of pure Manitoba music. Until then we'll be launching our mixed channel called The Merge. If you're a music lover of different genres like we are, we think you're really going to dig this stream! If you're wondering which channel launches next, it's a great question. Stay tuned to find out. We're just as curious as you are! 

Now Playing!

The Merge

This is where is all begins!

The official mixed channel of Winnipeg Streams.FM. When the submissions start rolling in will be cranking them out through this channel all day long.

Rock Guitarist

Coming Soon!

MB Rock

Featuring all things Rock, this channel has it all. Alternative, Rock, Blues, Punk and Metal.

Image by Heshan Perera
Coming Soon!


Featuring some of Manitoba hottest EDM recording artists.Turn up the base!

Coming Soon!

MB Metal

If you dig heavy music, this channel's for you! It will feature all the heavy hitters in the local Winnipeg music scene, both past and present. Winnipeg has always been known for its heavy acts and when this channel launches you'll be able to find them all right here in one place.

Image by Tandem X Visuals
Coming Soon!

Indigenous Radio

Featuring Indigenous recording artists from Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba.  

Combination Lock Safe
Coming Soon!

The Vault

Gone but not forgotten. The Winnipeg music scene has produced so many killer bands over the years and this channel will be dedicated exclusively to them. If you were part of band from back in the day or know somebody that was, please help get the word out. We need these bands to submit their tunes and keep the music alive!

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
Image by Candice Seplow
Coming Soon!

MB Hip Hop

Winnipeg's Hip Hop scene is alive and well and people around the county are taking notice. Tune in to hear Winnipeg's hottest Hip Hop recording artists or take a trip back in the day to remember some of the all time greats. 

Man Playing Guitar
Coming Soon!

MB Country Rock

The channel where six strings rule! Mixing elements of Folk, Country Rock and some good old Acoustic jams.

The perfect channel for chillin' out.

At the Concert
Coming Soon!

MB Live

There's nothing better than a live show!

This channel will feature live concerts from Manitoba recording artists.

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