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Now Accepting Submissions!

Image by John Matychuk

Attention Winnipeg & Manitoba Recording Artists, we want to hear from you!


Winnipeg Streams.FM is now accepting song submissions. 

If you would like airplay on our station please submit the following:

  • Demo Songs in MP3 or AAC (m4a) Audio File Formats

  • Album Artwork and/or Logo Output to JPEG 72 DPI 600 x 600 pix

  • Band Bio

  • Band Photo

  • Website links


For additional exposure you can also include your own personalized station ID!

For example: "Hey this is (insert band name) and your listening to Winnipeg Streams.FM" 

This can be done from your smartphone and included with your submission.


Winnipeg Streams.FM is a co-op based grass roots music platform and local media outlet. We will stream your music through our stations channels and provide you with a platform to promote your music to the world. Winnipeg Streams.FM is officially licensed through SOCAN. 

All song submissions are reviewed by a rotating 3rd party panel before approval. Lyrical content can be explicit, but our panel has been instructed to reject any submissions containing material deemed to be hateful or offensive to our listeners. Submissions must be mixed and produced to high quality production standards.


We would like to personally thank all Manitoba recording artist that support our station though submitting their music. Unfortunately not all song submissions will be guarantied airplay. 

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